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Sport Management, Organizational Development, Fitness Management, Public Health, Services, Sustainability and Quality

Organizational Theory, System Theory, Marketing Theories and Communication Theories

Research Projects

Working title: Impacts of sport event sponsoring at the Olympic Games 2012

Abstract: Many firms invest a lot of money in sport sponsoring, especially in the context of mega sports events. The sponsors of the Olympic Games want to be recognized as official partners. They want to benefit from the positive attributes of such a global event. This project aims to analyze the recall of official sponsors of the Olympic Games in London. Therefore a pre and post survey has been carried out. By using an aided and unaided recall method sport interested people in the relevant age group are questioned. The survey is paper-based and online-based.

Investigators: Thomas Rieger (primary), Alexandra Swonke, Michael Pfleger
Site: Germany
Funding: BiTS, Business and Information Technology School
Duration: 2012-ongoing
Target: Journal of Sport Management

Key Words: Sponsoring, Olympic Games, Ambush Marketing, Aided and Unaided

Working title: Complaint management in the fitness industry

Abstract: Complaint management is one important method for the measurement of service quality. The German fitness industry still suffers from a high fluctuation, customers very often quit their memberships. The current research status reveals a close connection between between dropout and a customer dissatisfaction. Why are fitness supplier not able to reduce the fluctuation? Are customers able to complain? Is there an access to a complaint management system? If yes, how is it structured? This article grounds on the goal to examine the status quo of complaint management in the German fitness industry. the survey is online-based and addresses all commercial fitness suppliers in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Investigators: Alexandra Swonke (primary), Thomas Rieger
Site: Germany
Funding: BiTS, Business and Information Technology School
Duration: 2012-ongoing
Target(s): Journal of Sport Management, International Journal of Sport Management

Key Words: Complaints, Service Quality, Fitness Suppliers and Customer Satisfaction

Working title:
Individualization of audiovisual sports media through mass customization

Abstract: The market for audiovisual sports media has massively changed throughout the last decade. The dynamic development of the Internet as well as many innovations have vitalized the market and enlarged the quantity of products and services for customers. A wide range of services does not necessarily ensure the satisfaction of customers needs, but it is an important requirement to achieve customer loyalty. Moreover different social tendencies have an influence on consumer behavior. An increased individual orientation of lifestyles, which can be assumed inter alia by the strong rise of single households, underlines the necessity to analyze the trend of individualization. The scientific topicality derives from the recognizable product development tendencies with regard to individuality within the sports media. One remarkable example is the German IP-TV provider LIGA total. Starting in August 2010 LIGA total offers its customers the option to individualize the live-conference of the current match day by only including the favorite matches. A development is taking place from inflexible and traditional formats to individual and customized service options. Against the background of the described situation on the market for audiovisual sports media the following research questions are of high relevance: Does an individual design of audiovisual sports media services fit consumers needs? Do individual designed audiovisual sports media support the wish of consumers to reach individuality? The main objective of the current paper is to identify the needs and wishes of consumers concerning individual audiovisual sports media services.

Investigators: Thomas Rieger
Site: Europe
Funding: Self-funded
Duration: 2011-ongoing
Target(s): Journal of Sport Management, International Journal of Sport Management

Key Words: Individual Marketing, Sports Media, Customization,

Working title:
Sports facilities with zero emissions through integrated and sustainable solutions

Abstract: Beside the necessity to ensure functionality, modern sports facilities management has to consider global challenges by integrating sustainable and environmental aspects conceptually. In Germany there are several flagship projects like the so called zero-energy sports halls. These facilities emit only a minimum of carbon dioxide, but up to now no scientific evaluation has been accomplished. The project should close this gap. Based on a survey of the current existing sports halls a database will be developed, that allows future initiatives to create integrated concepts for the design of sports facilities.

Investigators: Thomas Rieger (primary), Thomas Meuser, Edmund A. Spindler
Site: Germany
Funding: self-funded, BiTS, Business and Information Technology School
Duration: 2010-ongoing
Target(s): Journal of Sport Management, International Journal of Sport Management

Key Words: Organized Sport, Sports Facilities Management, Sustainability and Zero Emissions