Thomas Rieger

Sport Management

International Standards Meeting 2013

On behalf of the EHFA Standards Council I am pleased to invite you to join us at the 4th International Standards Meeting (ISM) 2013 in the vibrant city of Budapest. It is the first year that the International Standards Meeting is complemented by the Central European Fitness Congress.

It is an exciting time for Standards Development within the European health and fitness industry as we continue to grow and improve, remaining always quality-oriented, motivated and responsive. The Standards Council is confronting a time of many changes, but we also look back to very productive years in which we have delivered a remarkable impact on the recognition and image of our industry. The world of Standards Development is challenging and we will continue to meet and bring inspired people together, to ensure the European health and fitness industry remains at the cutting edge.

The overall theme of the ISM 2013 will be
Sedentary Behaviour, Active Living & Exercise: the Role of the Fitness Sector. As confirmed after the three previous ISM meetings at London (2010), Brussels (2011) and Barcelona (2012), we recognize that we have an agreed global approach to improve education, recognition and social impact of exercise professionals and the fitness sector worldwide, and more importantly is that we have already shown that we can collaborate and work together.

The International Standards Meeting has already become the most relevant occasion for cooperation in the worldwide fitness sector. We have had great feedback from experts who want to attend and we will try to represent and include all the most important topics of the day – as well as providing the best networking event for anyone involved in standards-setting and delivering qualifications and certifications in fitness.

EHFA is a not-for-profit association and we try to keep all costs and charges as low as possible and you can find details for these events at this web link -

I would like to give you an idea of what you can expect from the ISM 2013. Our programme includes 2 special key-note presenters:
Bryan O’Rourke, Fitness Industry Technology Council USA, and Professor Alfonso Jimenez, Head of School of Sports Science, European University Madrid, Spain. We will also present the findings from the very first European “attitudinal” study, which will be looking at the skills needs for the next decade. Find out what will be the priorities for new developments, new occupations and the qualifications to support them. We also want to broaden our view on standards and registration by considering and discussing the similarities and differences between the European and the US perspective. A very important task in order to develop a common pathway for the future. Lastly, we will give a detailed insight into the first research report on the leading fitness operators in Europe written by EHFA together with Deloitte.

Do not miss out on these opportunities to learn and share all about fitness qualifications, standards, and how to get involved with international cooperation - and all of this is mixed with some special social occasions in the beautiful city of Budapest. Early booking is advised as we have limited spaces – and please do tell your fitness colleagues and forward the web link to contacts who you think should join you in Budapest.

I look forward to meeting you in the capital of Hungary.