Thomas Rieger

Sport Management

New Peer-Reviewed Article Published

This week the new issue of the sport management online journal Sciamus - Sport and Management has been published. Sciamus provides its second special issue about fitness management after the first one in 2011.

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The current edition contains my article about the implementation of quality management in fitness gyms. From an organization theoretical point of view a very difficult topic, because quality management in profit-oriented organizations like a fitness centre always aims to maximize profit. Thus, it differs from the quality approach in healthcare organizations. The German-speaking article takes a critical look on the implementation practices of quality management systems in health-related fitness gyms and provides useful implications for future projects.

Impacts of Sport Event Sponsoring at the Olympics

The first phase of our new research project 'Impacts of Sport Event Sponsoring at the Olympics' has been started successfully. By using an aided and unaided recall method we question sport interested people in the relevant age group. The survey is paper-based and online-based. The online questionnaire can be found here (German).