Thomas Rieger

Sport Management

Individual Marketing in Sports - Mass Media Customization and Audiovisual Sports Media

One of my current research projects deals with consumer expectations in the field of audiovisual sports media. Primarily it should be analyzed, which wishes, needs and requirements concerning individual product types of audiovisual sports media are relevant. The theoretical approach of Mass Customization, which is embedded into the framework of Individual Marketing gets a completion by the term Media. During the last season of the German Bundesliga the supplier LIGA total already sent a signal by including an individual product variation: the personal conference:

The empirical part of the research project consists of a qualitative interview study in which persons with an affinity to sports media were questioned. These persons are mainly characterized by a close connection to audiovisual sports media, the regular usage of audiovisual sports media or their ability to deliver important problem-solving competencies as media experts. Currently the empirical data are collected.